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TOPIC atoz
unequal 6
God 2
testing 2
union 2
2009 1
2012 1
91.7 FM 1
A feeling as if the head was enormously large and swollen 1
Adivasi Medicines 1
Afraid to go to sleep because of aggravation in Heart troubles 1
Agonizing and convulsive pains in the heart 1
Angina Pectoris with constriction and general weakness of the heart and prostration 1
Angina pains extending to left shoulder and arms 1
Angina pains extending to nape of neck 1
Angina pectoris 1
Arne Duncan 1
Austin TX 1
Barack Obama 1
Biodiversity 1
Bleeding or blind Piles with mucus discharge 1
Burning and itching in anus which prevent sleep 1
Burning in the rectum 1
Cardiac insufficiency with constriction 1
Chhattisgarh Biodiversity 1
Chicago Teachers Union 1
Chicago teachers' strike 1
Christ 1
Christianity (or Religion) is Not Civilizing Power 1
Chronicaoritis 1
Civilization and Its Degeneration 1
Come out of her my People 1
Congestion of the head and nose bleed from high living 1
Constriction of heart on walking 1
Contraction and congestion of the heart with rush of blood to the head and coldness of the extremities 1
Corinth 1
Corinthians 1
Cough 1
Crampy pain in heart 1
Dana Cloud 1
Democratic Unionism and Dissent at Boeing 1
Department of Communication Studies 1
Difficult breathing associated with hemorrhoids (piles) 1
Difficult to go on higher level like staircases etc 1
Dilated heart with palpitation and anemia 1
Diseases of the heart with spells of faintness 1
Distressed feeling after taking food 1
Dropsical condition of the heart with general edema and puffiness about the eyes and feet 1
Dropsy due to heart diseases 1
Dyspnoea 1
Dyspnoea with edema of lungs and/or of feet 1
Education Austin 1
Emergency herbs 1
Encyclopedia of Tribal Medicines (EOTM) 1
Endocarditis and pericarditis 1
Endocarditis effusion into joints and pericardium 1
Entomophagy 1
Entomotherapy 1
Ethnobotany 1
Exceptional children 1
Exhaustion and extreme prostration 1
Extraterritoriality 1
Faintness 1
Faintness and collapse 1
Famine Food plants 1
Fatty degeneration of the heart 1
Fear of death 1
Fear of going of sleep as it will cause suffocation 1
Feeble heart 1
Feeling as if the heart is twisted with an iron hand tighter and tighter 1
Feeling of weight on heart 1
Feels as if heart stopped beating sometimes with faint feeling 1
Flabby heart with anemia 1
Flatulence 1
Flora of Ambikapur 1
Flora of Bastar 1
Flora of Bilaspur 1
Flora of Chhattisgarh 1
Flora of Dantewada 1
Flora of Dhamtari 1
Flora of Gandhamardan Hills 1
Flora of Jashpur 1
Flora of Kanker 1
Flora of Keshkal 1
Flora of Korba 1
Flora of Narsinghnath 1
Flora of Niyamgiri 1
Flora of Odisha 1
Flora of Orissa 1
Flora of Raigarh 1
Flora of Raipur and Durg 1
Flora of Rajnandgaon 1
Flora of Sukma 1
Flora of Surguja 1
Folk Healers of Chhattisgarh 1
Folk Healers of Odisha 1
Folk Remedies 1
Forest People 1
Functional disturbances of the heart from alcohol 1
Functional disturbances of the heart from tea 1
Functional disturbances of the heart from tobacco 1
Gaza 1
George W Bush 1
Healing Flora 1
Healthcare system practiced by traditional Vaidyas 1
Heart dilated 1
Heart failure due to abuse of Digitalis 1
Heart feels enormously large with oppression of the chest and palpitation after a meal or during menstruation 1
Heart irregular and pulse intermittent 1
Heart pain and palpitation with enlargement of thyroid gland 1
Heart trouble due to indigestion or wind in the upper part of the abdomen 1
Heavy breathing worse by lying 1
Heavy perspiration with aggravation of symptoms during night in Heart Diseases 1
Hemoptysis and dropsy if due to or accompanied heart troubles 1
Horrible dreams and sinking in the stomach 1
Human Races are Intellectually Unequal 1
Hyatt Hotel 1
Hypertrophy and valvular diseases 1
Impending heart failure 1
Insufficiency of the heart without constriction 1
International Socialist Organization 1
Israel 1
Japan 1
Jesus 1
KOOP Radio 1
Ken Zarifis 1
Kirstin Roberts 1
Lassitude 1
Local indigenous knowledge about medicinal plants 1
Low blood pressure and weakness 1
Low tension 1
Mark Call 1
Marriage 1
Massachusetts 1
Massachusetts. Special Commission on Unequal Educational Opportunity 1
Mayor One Percent 1
Medicinal Insects and Mites 1
Medicinal Millets 1
Medicinal Orchids 1
Medicinal Plant Database 1
Medicinal Plants of India 1
Medicinal Plants popular among the Adivasis of India 1
Medicinal Plants used by local Vaidyas 1
Medicinal weeds 1
Mitral constriction with anginous pain 1
Must keep on moving or heart will stop 1
Nervous with fits of hysteria or epilepsy 1
No Child Left Behind 1
Numbness and tingling pain in the left arm 1
Odisha Biodiversity 1
Odisha Folk Rice based Traditional Herbal Formulations 1
On going to sleep the patient is suddenly aroused by a feeling that heart will stop beating 1
Oozing of fluid from rectum 1
Oppression 1
Oppression of the chest with inability to expand lungs 1
Pain in heart accompanied by itching 1
Palpitation 1
Palpitation and rapid action of heart 1
Palpitation even in bed worse after eating 1
Palpitation of heart caused by worriment 1
Palpitation worse by lying on left side 1
Paramparik Gyan 1
Paul 1
Penny Sue Pritzker 1
People United 1
Piles bleeding or blind and protruding 1
Piles in Fat people 1
Piles protrude independent of stool 1
Piles throbbing with sore feeling in anus 1
Piles with burning swollen itching 1
Piles with great itching in the anus and soreness and pain in knee caps 1
Piles worst at the time of menses 1
Poor circulation and low blood pressure 1
Progress or Stagnation has Multiple Origin 1
Protruding piles blue even suppurating 1
Protrusion of piles after stools with long lasting pains 1
Pulse frequent 1
Pulse full 1
Pulse intermittent and weak 1
Pulse irregular 1
Pulse soft 1
Pulse very slow in the beginning and weak intermitting every third fifth or seventh beat 1
Pulse weak and almost imperceptible 1
Purple bloated face with dropsy and enlarged liver Worse during and after sleep 1
Race to the Top 1
Racial Differences are Permanent 1
Rahm Emanuel 1
Raw Drugs 1
Rheumatic Heart with squeezing pains 1
Rheumatic heart 1
Rheumatic heart when the pain wanders from joint to joint and is finally located in the heart 1
Sensation as if heart stopped beating 1
Sensation as if heart would stop beating if she moved 1
Separation 1
Septic Endocarditis and pericarditis 1
Severe types of angina pectoris 1
Slow pulse 1
Special education 1
Stitches and shocks with sensation as if something was hopping and jumping in the chest 1
Suffocated feeling when walking fast or lying on left side 1
Tendency to faint 1
up-solid down-solid